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Masks are what we live behind while we are giving the world what it expects: a performance. Wearing them we can grant others laughter, a deep joy, rest – while behind the mask, a life could be struggling with its own burdens, the sackcloth wearing away. In Matthew Thomas Ross’s Two Ships, two such performers briefly drop their acts and twine their frayed lives together. On a lonesome bridge at night, a compassionate question from a down-in-the-mouth street mime (Anthony J. Redelsperger) for a drag queen in need (Joshua Spencer) turns into an authentic and vulnerable exploration of each other’s baggage. Intimately acted and beautifully shot, Ross’s Two Ships briefly guides you through a region of memory, sadness and humor, with a forecast of renewal.
— Gary Dale Burns, on Two Ships

Run Time: 14:36

Anthony J. Redelsperger
Joshua Spencer

Written and Directed by: Matthew Thomas Ross
Director of Photography: Paulius Kontijevas
Produced by: Tessa Ribitsch, Paulius Kontijevas & Matthew Thomas Ross
Original Score & Music by: Kyle Morton
Camera Operator: Paulius Kontijevas
1st Camera Assistant / Steadicam: Harrisen Howes
2nd Camera Assistant: Jayme Gantz
Wardrobe/Stylist: Michelle Flores
Grip: Jebarri Dean
Sound: Shawn Willis
Colorist: Martin Melnick
PA: Dave Hall & Dylan Morris
BTS Photography: Jessie McCall & Tyler Little